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Clip Share

Let your viewers share your program
on social media

Clip Share

Let your viewers share your program on social media


Increase customer retention and drive your revenue
 Increase engagement with a unique user experience
Raise brand awareness by offering a leading technology
Activate Millenials to place bets in a fresh and playful way
Turnkey solution with easy integration



Clip Share

Snapscreen for Sports Betting Apps/Websites

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Clip Share

Second Screen apps and OTT apps are de-facto standard for most broadcasters. How can you stand out from the crowd and fascinate your users while engaging them?

With Clip Share your viewers point your App to a TV and create a clip of the current program instantly on their mobile. Then they can edit and share the clips along with their own message through a range of messaging and social media platforms.


Let your viewers share your program via social channels with their friends, reach more potential customers, market your offer within the clips. Each clip can include a direct link to the OTT source, right to the split second of the clip.
Clip Share is based on our proprietary and patent pending image recognition and clip sharing technology.

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