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Solutions for Broadcasters / Advertisers

TV is all about engagement - don't you agree? Snapscreen offers unique products and ideas
for any format be it shows, sports, fashion, home shopping and others.

Solutions for Broadcasters / Advertisers

TV is all about engagement - don't you agree? Snapscreen offers unique products and ideas for any format be it shows, sports, fashion, home shopping and others.


Offer engagement via established channels like Facebook and Twitter
Seamlessly turn your viewers into m-commerce customers
Reward your viewers engagement with additional media or memes for sharing
Activate Millenials in a fresh and playful way
Turnkey solution with easy integration


For Apps/Websites

For Apps/Websites

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Broadcaster Second Screen Apps/Websites

Second Screen apps and OTT apps are de-facto standard for most broadcasters. How can you stand out from the crowd and fascinate your users while engaging them - how about:

With Snapscreen users snap the moment on TV and can continue watching on their mobile device - or even create bookmarks to share with friends to watch together? This not only works for live TV but also with catch-up TV.

Talking of catch-up TV - how to find information about a show from yesterday or two days ago - your users scroll through endless lists of EPG grid data? Snapscreen offers visual search - a fast and intuitive way to locate all information in your apps or websites. Think of Shazam for TV inside your app and websites!

Your talent show or fashion show? Convert the viewers of e.g. “Germany’s next Top Model” into customers of fashion items by pointing them exactly to the content they are looking for. All with a snap inside your app or website. Get in touch - we show you how the magic works



For Twitter

For Twitter

Twitter tune-in campaign and re-targeting

Turn your audience into customers

Twitter is the de-facto standard for social media discussion around TV. Twitter users discuss the TV program live on their second screen and share emotions and media. Use the magic of Snapscreen for Twitter to reach your engaged users and turbocharge their TV engagement!

Spread your TV content

Enable your mobile commerce campaigns with Snapscreen and multiply your TV content in Twitter. Engage your viewers and generate a new audience via social media. Reward your users with a piece of your TV content to share within their community and learn which TV moment had the most impact.

Drive Tune-In

The Snapscreen solution for Twitter campaigns works as a tune-in campaign. TV content is shared in social media and drives engagement through an active channel.

TV Twitter Integration for your campaign

  • Take TV engagement to the next level
  • Drive your tune-in and reach
  • Provide predefined #hashtag and media to drive conversation

Snapscreen in action

Promoted Tweets before and during show.

User snaps TV show.

Creative piece continues.

Share TV engagement.

Show Tweet in Twitter feed.


For Facebook Messenger Bots

For Facebook Messenger Bots

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Messenger Bots for m-commerce

Reach your TV audience where they are already communicating - become part of ongoing conversation. Messengers are the future of B2C communication and are way more popular than emails, phone or websites amongst Millennials. That’s why we added Snapscreen to Messenger bots.

Embrace the future with direct communication with your audience and customers. 100% precise re-targeting comes for free.

With Snapscreen you can bridge the gap between TV and social media to interact with your viewers in their native communication environment no download, no hassle, no friction and perfect re-targeting.

Use Snapscreen for Messenger Bots to:

  • Convert TV viewers into customers
  • Drive your m-commerce with direct sales
  • Run tune-in campaigns to increase your reach or even multiply your audience
  • Spread your TV content in social networks
  • Keep up the conversation with re-targeting campaigns based on viewing behavior and maximize reach

Snapscreen in action

Post or promote your Messenger in Facebook

User joins and guided to take snapshot of TV

User snaps TV and is engaged

Rewarded with moment in TV and (optional) checkout link

User shares or purchases for affiliate revenue for Broadcaster

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