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Su di noi

Snapscreen è una soluzione rivoluzionaria di
riconoscimento delle immagini
per sport, TV e scommesse.

La nostra tecnologia è in grado di riconoscere all’istante le immagini in movimento in TV o online. Snapscreen funziona con sia con i programmi in diretta che con quelli registrati e fornisce soluzioni per Broadcaster, Advertiser e Sport.

Snapscreen trasforma la fotocamera dei dispositivi mobili in uno strumento versatile per intrattenere, mantenere e coinvolgere gli spettatori, attraverso una soluzione moderna e facile da usare.



L’idea di Snapscreen nasce nel 2013, mentre il fondatore e CEO Thomas Willomitzer stava guardando il Super Bowl in diretta in TV. All’epoca, Willomitzer era CTO di Jumio Inc. , una compagnia che lavorava sul riconoscimento per immagine. Durante il break del Super Bowl, vide uno spot che mostrava il logo di un celebre servizio di riconoscimento audio. Le persone dovevano aprire l’app sul proprio telefono e farle ascoltare lo spot. A Thomas piacque l’idea di connettere TV e internet, anche se pensò che ci doveva essere un modo migliore per farlo.

Oggi Snapscreen è il modo più flessibile e intuitivo per connettere TV e dispositivi mobili: ogni immagine in TV è trasformata in una sorta di codice QR ma con il vantaggio di non richiedere alcuna implementazione da parte del broadcaster o del producer .




Thomas Willomitzer

Founder and CEO
Previously co-founder of Last.FM and former CTO of Jumio. With proven ability to shape strategy, lead large teams, drive innovation and ultimately increase market share in a highly competitive international environment.


Howard Blumenthal

Industry Guru and Board Advisor
Author of “The Business of Television” and TV business expert. He is a television and new media producer, author, educator, and executive.

Markus Rumler

Head of Marketing

Internet Entrepreneur, Co-founder and CMO at 42.cx Center of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence AG, previously founding member and CCO at Jumio.Inc and head of PR at Jajah.com. Markus brings in 20+ years of experience and is leading the marketing strategy of Snapscreen.



Rob Mittag

Director Sales & Operations

With a background in finance and retail, Rob specialises in developing new business opportunities by understanding customer needs and looking for innovative ways to solve customer problems. Over the last 20 years, he has delivered over $1B of profitable sales growth for retailers in Australia.


Richard Armstrong

Director, Strategy & Alliances

With a background primarily in global corporate and investment banking, Richard has provided financial and strategic advice to leading Australian companies for over 25 years.


Stefano Di Persio

Country Manager Italy

Digital consultant and enterpreneur with 20 years of expertise in the digital industry. Specialties: strategy, marketing, project management, tech scouting.




Backend Software Developer




Head of Computer Vision Technology





Backend Software Developer





Computer Vision Engineer





Computer Vision Engineer





Computer Vision Engineer





Computer Vision Engineer





Mobile Software Developer





Systems Operator



We are proud that others have found our work as interesting and exciting as us! Here some nice articles about us:


Snapscreen arriva in Italia e nomina Stefano di Persio country manager
Un inedito sistema per il second screen ideato dall’austriaco Thomas Willomitzer, già co-founder di Last.FM, sbarca nel nostro Paese. Segmenti di utilizzo, accordi con i principali player del settore tv e delle scommesse sportive; questo e altro dalle parole del manager italiano | Read More...

DailyOnline | Published on: 13/03/2018


CES 18 - The Global Stage of Innovation
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was a very interesting start for Snapscreen into 2018. 50,000+ attendees from around the globe were here to experience the future of technology first hand and we were right in the middle. Snapscreen was more than well received and we filled our sales funnel. What a great kick off for this year, that is going to be amazing. | Read More...

CES | Published on: 09/02/2018


SIGMA | Summit of iGaming Malta
We are here at the main stage for an exclusive SiGMA Startup Pitch. Our investors and 10 startups are ready. Who will be this year's winner? See the video at 1:04 | Read More...

SIGMA | Published on: 24/11/2017

igaming news

Exclusive Interview with Thomas Willomitzer, CEO of Snapscreen
Thomas Willomitzer has served as CTO at Jumio for the last 4 years. He lived and worked next to his hometown Vienna, in London, Zurich, Munich and Silicon Valley. He developed software for algorithmic trading in investment banks such as UBS, UniCredit, Credit Suisse and others. When working in startups Thomas always played a key role in business development and product development and gained extensive experience in those areas. | Read More...

iGaming News | Published on: 30/08/2017

media honeypot

IBC Startup Forum – Media Honeypot - 17 September 2017 | Amsterdam
Snapscreen recently applied to participate at the Startup Forum at IBC. The jury has evaluated Snapscreen's application and they are delighted to inform you that Snapscreen have been successful and gain access to the event. 400+ Media Executives, Startups, Pure Digital Players, Investors and Press from 20+ countries. | Read More...

Media Honeypot | Published on: 28/08/2017

global gaming awards

Global Gaming Award 2017 shortlisted in category
Digital Gaming Innovation of the year Snapscreen is to sports betting what Shazam is to music. By simply taking a photo of a sports match playing on a TV screen, the Snapscreen app will automatically recognise exactly what it is and supply the user with odds related to the match, all within one second. It is seamlessly integrated into betting apps and offers an incredibly intuitive way to get users to place spontaneous bets. | Read More...

globalgamingawards.com | Published on: 03/08/2017

gmabling insider

Having been in and around the sports world for over a decade, there are two main issues that come up time and again and they are how to reach bettors, both new and existing; and how to remove any barriers to allow them to bet. | Read More...

GAMBLING INSIDER | Published on: 28/07/2017

games and casino

Snapscreen is Like Shazam for Sports Betting
Technology keeps pushing us forward more and more in the gambling world, particularly online, and there's an app that's starting to get a fair amount of attention called Snapscreen that's the natural continuation of the upward pressure of technology in betting. | Read More...

gamesandcasino.com | Published on: 11/06/2017


The Shazam for betting – a Q&A with Snapscreen
Formed in 2015, Snapscreen is a self-styled Shazam for betting but using visuals instead of sound that allow the user to instantly recognise what is happening on a screen and offer up the relevant bet. The company has already received some exposure at various global gaming events | Read More...

gamcrowd.com | Published on: 01/06/2017

prague gaming summit

Thomas Willomitzer (‎Founder and CEO at Snapscreen.com) will speak during the Innovation Talks.
We are excited to announce that Prague Gaming Summit will host the 3rd chapter of Innovation Talks, a series of panels organized by EEGEvents which has started in 2017 at VIGE 2017 and continues to bring new information to the ears and eyes of the delegates with top products and trends being explained by globally recognized brands. | Read More...

praguegamingsummit.eu | Published on: 15/05/2017


VIGE2017 Post Event Press Release
The seasoned panel has been well attended by the audience on the event and the experts who gave speech were: Valery Bollier(Oulala Games), Angelo Dalli(Bit8), Kostandina Zafirovska(BtoBet) and Thomas Willomitzer(Snapscreen). | Read More...

igamingbusiness.com | Published on: 10/04/2017


Becky’s Affiliated: Innovation in Sports Betting technology with Thomas Willomitzer
A few weeks ago the CalvinAyre.com team traveled to Vienna to cover the inaugural ViGE, an event dedicated to the land based and online gambling industry in Central Europe. | Read More...

CalvinAyre.com | Published on: 06/04/2017

Snapscreen brings instant betting through TV recognition
The TV recognition company Snapscreen has extended their offering to the Sports Betting world, harnessing the camera on the mobile device to deliver up to the minute odds in 1 second. | Read More...

igamingbusiness.com | Published on: 28/03/2017


Vienna International Gaming Expo (ViGE) 2017 day 2 recap
CalvinAyre.com returned to the Austria Center Vienna today, March 21st, to continue our coverage of ViGE 2017, an event designed to bring together gambling professionals focused on Central European markets. | Read More...

CalvinAyre.com | Published on: 22/03/2017


Snapscreen - Linking Traditional TV and the Internet
We present \Snapscreen", a prototype second-screen app. Snapscreen is a platform that allows content providers (TV channels, broadcasters) to offer transparently content-related information and services to users watching TV. | Read More...



futurezone Award 2016: Das sind die Nominierten
Die futurezone sucht auch in diesem Jahr die besten Technik-Produkte und -Ideen des Jahres. Jetzt stehen die drei Finalisten aller Kategorien fest. Im Rahmen der futurezone Awards 2016 werden neben den besten Produkten auch die innovativsten Ideen des Jahres gesucht. | Read More...

futurzone.at | Published on: 13/10/2016


Das Handy schaut mit: Fernsehen wird vernetzt
Informationstechnologie. Eine App aus Österreich erkennt Fernsehinhalte automatisch und zeigt auf dem Tablet oder Smartphone alle Hintergrund-Infos zur aktuellen Sendung an. Auch die Vernetzung der Zuseher ist Ziel der Gründer. | Read More...

Die Presse | Published on: 02/08/2016


Austrian Startup Snapscreen Aims To Connect TV With Internet
Snapscreen is an app, that connects TV with Internet. Think of Shazam and much more for TV and Video (like Netflix) that gives you related stuff to what you watch. So how exactly does it work? The best explanations comes with a story of the founding idea. | Read More...

150sec.com | Published on: 25/07/2016


Start-up verbindet TV mit dem Web
„Injeder Start-up-Geschichte muss das Wort Silicon Valley vorkommen“, sagt Thomas Willomitzer. In seinem Fall muss man nach Verbindungen in das Epizentrum der Start-up-Welt nicht lange suchen. | Read More...

futurzone.at | Published on: 15/07/2016


Snapscreen: Wiener Start-up verbindet TV mit dem Internet
Der last.fm-Mitgründer und frühere Jumio-Technikchef Thomas Willomitzer will mit der App Snapscreen die Kluft zwischen Fernsehen und Internet überwinden. | Read More...

futurzone.at | Published on: 15/07/2016


Snapscreen beendet die Trennung von TV und Internet und verbindet die Zuseherinnen und Zuseher miteinander.
Article descriptionFernsehen ist ein altes Medium, das nach dem Push-Prinzip Inhalte nach einem Zeitplan zur Verfügung stellt. die Logik des Medienkonsums hat sich durch das Internet aber stark verändert, daher gibt es weltweit den Trend, Telefone und Tablets neben dem Fernsehen zu verwenden (Second Screen). | Read More...

AWS | Published on: 28/07/2015

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