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Intro to Snapscreen

Posted by Nick on 7. April 2017 11:16:00 MESZ
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The quick pitch


Snapscreen connects TV and the viewers with the Internet. With a Snap of the TV screen viewers get all relevant information about the current program.


The Snapscreen Background story

It all started with the Super Bowl, the one with the Beyonce halftime show. Isn’t that how all of the Super Bowls are remembered internationally? Sorry Baltimore, we know you won.

Well, during the famous ad breaks, Thomas Willomitzer noticed that a lot of the adverts were doing their best to become interactive, asking the viewer to use their phones to recognize the audio.

What he observed made him realize that with the right image recognition technology the image could be recognized in a fraction of the time that it takes for the audio to be identified.

This was born from the frustration that for audio from TV there are language barriers and also the commentary needs to be audible. This is not possible in a crowded bar. To be honest, the worldwide roll out is also greatly reduced through image over audio recognition.

And voila, Snapscreen was born.


The hard work starts

From having an idea to getting it working and presentable is a long and arduous road.

Planning, testing and starting again takes time patience and a lot of guts.

From idea to the B2B product that we now offer at Snapscreen to almost 2 years.

Today we are operating a great platform for our partner apps. Our customers integrate Snapscreen features and technology by using our components for iPhone/iPad,

Android Phones/Tablets, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and others directly into their services. Snapscreen can even be integrated into mobile websites, Smart TVs via HTML/Javascript, or included directly in email campaigns


Why we do what we do

Well, we are just awesome at it so why wouldn’t we want to share that with the world? Thomas was the co-founder and CTO of Last.fm and then CTO of Jumio, who did some amazing image recognition software, so it seemed like a logical move.

Also, it is not easy, that is a great driver for the entire team. Solving the easy issues is something that we could have done but the higher the barrier the higher the reward.

Each minor improvement is a feat unto itself and one that really deserves to be experienced.


Who is Snapscreen for?

Currently we are working with:

  • Telcoms
  • OTT providers
  • Cable providers
  • Sports apps
  • Sports betting apps
  • and a number of other industries as well

If you have an idea of other areas or want to know more about what we are currently working on.

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or contact us on sales@snapscreen.com 


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